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Diane Weise September 2014 Singer Spotlight


Congratulations to Diane Weise of Santa Rosa, CA on winning our September 2014 AE Singer Spotlight.  AE gave her a $30 dollar karaoke gift card, either to purchase new music or pay for a monthly karaoke supscription to acess thousands of songs.  Also, she has automatically entered into our Singer Spotlight Of The Year.


The winner of the Singer Spotlight Of The Year will receive a $100 karaoke gift card and numerous gift certificates from all of our venues that we host karaoke at.  Winners will be randomly picked by AE Karaoke owner Dennis Anderson and our team of Hosts.

We interviewed Diane Weise and wanted everyone to get to know one of our karaoke customers/singers on what her thoughts on karaoke, her winning and just about her.

(AE) Tell us a little about yourself?

(Diane) I am a single mom with two teenagers a girl and boy. They are my Loves of my life. They are both amazing people and I am very proud of them both. I also like to take my niece Brooke to Kareoke. She loves to sing. I wish I could take her more but it is out of my control. I care about people and enjoy putting a smile on someone's face to make their day brighter. I believe in treating everyone with respect and Manners. Try to make each day count and I love to sing and dance of course.


(AE) Where is your favorite place or places to sing karaoke?

(Diane) Quincys, Double Decker and Redwood Cafe.


(AE) When did you start singing karaoke?

(Diane) I have been going for many years but just started to sing a year or two ago.


(AE) What are you going to do with your gift card, buy new karaoke music and/or put it towards karaoke subscription?

(Diane) Buy new karaoke music.


(AE) How does singing make you feel?

(Diane) I love to sing and dance. Music feeds by soul. Always makes me feel better.


(AE) How often (days) do you sing karaoke in a week?

(Diane) Depends on my schedule at the time. Right now I have been going 4 days a week because I am working part time. Sometimes I go twice a week. Just Depends.


(AE) How many hours do you sing karaoke in any given night?

(Diane) one hour is my guess. I do not have the greatest voice for singing I just do it for fun


(AE) What is your most favorite moment singing karaoke?

(Diane) When sing with someone else or with a group of people.


(AE) What is your least favorite moment singing karaoke?

(Diane) When I do not know the song I am singing and just try to attempt it.


(AE) What determines where you go to sing karaoke?


Location, close to where I live and the establishments service and food. My favorite KJ's are Molly and Austin. They really do a awesome job.


(AE) If you could make your karaoke venue better, what would that be?

(Diane) Have reliable KJ's that show up on time and Keep the order of the rotation.


(AE) Additional comments or words to us?

(Diane) Thank you for the entertainment every week. It helps me go to sleep at night.


Congratulations Diane Weise and enjoy your gift from AE Karaoke.

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