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Joanne Gosnell June 2014 Singer Spotlight


Congratulations to Joanne Gosnell of Rohnert Park, CA on winning our June 2014 AE Singer Spotlight.  AE gave her a $30 dollar karaoke gift card, either to purchase new music or pay for a monthly karaoke supscription to acess thousands of songs.  Also, he has automatically entered into our Singer Spotlight Of The Year.


The winner of the Singer Spotlight Of The Year will receive a $100 karaoke gift card and numerous gift certificates from all of our venues that we host karaoke at.  Winners will be randomly picked by AE Karaoke owner Dennis Anderson and our team of Hosts.

We interviewed Joanne and wanted everyone to get to know one of our karaoke customers/singers on what her thoughts on karaoke, her winning and just about her.

(AE) Tell us a little about yourself?

(Joanne) . I am a freelance copy editor and mom of three (grandma of one). I grew up in NY. Moved to SF for college.


(AE) Where is your favorite place or places to sing karaoke?

(Joanne) I like Double Decker because it doesn't feel like a "bar"...not that there is anything wrong with that. lol It just feels comfortable and the fries are great.


(AE) When did you start singing karaoke?

(Joanne) The first place I sang was the Boulevard with my friend Mikey at around 1999. Then groups of us would sing at the Green Mill. Acapulco, and the Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa.


(AE) What are you going to do with your gift card, buy new karaoke music and/or put it towards karaoke subscription?

(Joanne) I would like something that I am not tied down to pay more $, so I guess karaoke music. I like to sing with YouTube karaoke, but there aren't that many songs out there on YouTube.


(AE) How does singing make you feel?

(Joanne) Singing makes me feel so good all over! I'm a rock star for a day. lol That feeling when you sing a song is just incredible.


(AE) How often (days) do you sing karaoke in a week?

(Joanne) Now I sing 1 or 2 times a week. Once I am an empty nester, I will likely sing more.


(AE) How many hours do you sing karaoke in any given night?

(Joanne) About 4 hours.


(AE) What is your most favorite moment singing karaoke?

(Joanne) My favorite moment happened the other night. I had just sung a Chili Peppers song, and a little kid said she liked the way I sang That made my entire week!


(AE) What is your least favorite moment singing karaoke?

(Joanne) The lease favorite moment is when I get up there and realize the song is out of my range. lol That happens a lot, but I like to try new songs, and I never feel intimidated to do that.


(AE) What determines where you go to sing karaoke?

(Joanne) Feeling welcome, having friends there, and how often you might get to sing. But there is a balance because you want to sing, but you need an audience lol


(AE) If you could make your karaoke venue better, what would that be?

(Joanne) If I could make the karaoke venue better, I would maybe clean the bathroom. I know I know it's my problem I have OCD. The other night I stuck to the chair at Friar's and I was grossed out all night. There was something on my pants. lol ..But that's me and my OCD. lol


(AE) Additional comments or words to us?

(Joanne) You guys are doing a great job, and I look forward to singing with you all every week.


Congratulations Joanne and enjoy your gift from AE Karaoke.

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