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Merica Alexander May 2014 Singer Spotlight


Congratulations to Merica Alexander of Santa Rosa, CA on winning our May 2014 AE Singer Spotlight.  AE gave her a $30 dollar karaoke gift card, either to purchase new music or pay for a monthly karaoke supscription to acess thousands of songs.  Also, he has automatically entered into our Singer Spotlight Of The Year.


The winner of the Singer Spotlight Of The Year will receive a $100 karaoke gift card and numerous gift certificates from all of our venues that we host karaoke at.  Winners will be randomly picked by AE Karaoke owner Dennis Anderson and our team of Hosts.

We interviewed Merica and wanted everyone to get to know one of our karaoke customers/singers on what her thoughts on karaoke, her winning and just about her.

(AE) Tell us a little about yourself?

(Merica) As you know I am Merica Alexander.  I am a college graduate from Miles College in Birmingham, Alabama.  I played drums in a band with my five brothers and I am singing in a band called The Blues Pirates.  Also, I am a retired military personnel in which I always sang the National Anthem at some military functions.


(AE) Where is your favorite place or places to sing karaoke?

(Merica) I sing at various karaoke places, but I do like Anderson Entertainment very much.


(AE) When did you start singing karaoke?

(Merica) I started singing karaoke about 10 years or more ago.


(AE) What are you going to do with your gift card, buy new karaoke music and/or put it towards karaoke subscription?

(Merica) I don’t know what I am going to do with the gift cards that I have won, however I will figure it out later.


(AE) How does singing make you feel?

(Merica) Singing karaoke makes me feel very good because I forget all my problems and I am in another world when I am singing karaoke.  I really started singing karaoke to teach myself how to sing and that was a good thing for me.


(AE) How often (days) do you sing karaoke in a week?

(Merica) I sing up to 4 days a week.


(AE) How many hours do you sing karaoke in any given night?

(Merica) I sing about 3 to 4 hours a day singing karaoke


(AE) What is your most favorite moment singing karaoke?

(Merica) My favorite moment in karaoke was when I won First Place at Rita’s singing competition and when I won first place at the Napa County Fair.  Okay, I do have two favorite moments.


(AE) What is your least favorite moment singing karaoke?

(Merica) I do have a least favorite moment, but I rather not say, LOL.


(AE) What determines where you go to sing karaoke?

(Merica) If I don’t have to get up early for work, that will determine if I got to karaoke.


(AE) If you could make your karaoke venue better, what would that be?

(Merica) I couldn’t make your karaoke better because you already start early on at least two of your venues and that is very good for me and a lot of other people that has to be at work early.


Congratulations Merica and enjoy your gift from AE Karaoke.

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